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Posted on June 14, 2017 at 9:41 PM
         There are 3 basic kinds of learner, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Makes sense, right, everyone learns differently.
         A Visual Learner is also called The Watcher. He or she likes to see, observe, record and write. They learn through observation. They thrive on pictures, diagrams, and watching videos. Comics and graphs are also favorites. using checklists for these students works great. Using  line games, videos and using reward charts help these students.
Flash cards, computer graphics, maps, visual images in books, posters, and cartoons are favorites.

        The Auditory Learner, or the Listener, need to talk and listen. These learners are sensitive to the tone of your voice. Reading aloud, being read to, audio books and lectures are the favorites. Talking about ideas, interests, problems and possibilities work for them. Limited noise is best, or headphones. Give oral direction and have the child say them back to you. Tape recorders are great. Their preference is giving oral reports or taking oral exams.

        Kinesthetic Learners, or The Doer, excels through the sense of touch. They need "to do" things. They are often high energy children who process while moving. These students need room to move around, big hugs and lots of involvement help them learn. Hands on for these guys, use demonstrations, experiments, crafts, and posters.  Repetitive actions while memorizing - trampolines,  and jumping rope helps to engage their brains. Keeping their hands busy and not too much noise works for them. Drawing, highlighting, playing learning games, art projects are favorites, much preferred to testing and writing.
      I'm sure by now, you have identified your sweetheart and hopefully this gives you some helpful hints to help them learn and engage in their learning comfortably. It makes sense that we are all not alike, doesn't it?
That's why one child thrives on writing and organizing and another needs to build and create to understand his work.

      As always, I am happy to answer any question. I can be contacted at the email below. Happy schooling!

With Love,
Patt Condiotti
Mrs. Patt's Tutoring


Categories: Education

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