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Posted on June 23, 2016 at 4:24 PM
             I wanted to share with you something I learned many years ago which has proven to be invaluable regarding children.

          This is a story about children of the Blackfoot Indian tribe. it is a practice that is done by all the members of the tribe when speaking with children.

          The story goes something like this: A child would go down to the brook and was really intending to take this little bag of something down there and throw it into the water. (Not so good). Somebody along the way would say to him, "Oh, you're going to get some water, what a good child," or "You are helping your mother, what a good child."  Now when they were bad children, they ignored them. The reason for the short story is to demonstrate how important it is to acknowledge or validate a child. The Blackfeet children were very obedient and very cheerful. The theory was that if you acknowledged the good stuff, the children would be happier and very helpful. Less and less bad stuff, would happen, because the children ultimately wanted their parents and friends to trust them and consider them good children.

         We forget sometimes to let our children know when they do good things, or are helpful. I am a wealthy woman, in that I have 3 beautiful granddaughters, and 2 beautiful daughters. I try to center on doing this with all of them. My grandchildren love to help and I always thank them for that. Center on the good things they do, gently handle the other stuff.

         If by chance your sweetheart is having trouble with something, have a conversation. Acknowledge their thoughts and worries. Of course center on the positive. They need lots of love and understanding!

With Love,
Patt Condiotti
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A child is still learning at his young age, parents or the teachers must teach their students the good manners that they will used for the rest of their lives. I am inspired at those people who are not perfect in their outside look but I can see the goodness inside. Some parents tolerate their children in their wrongdoings and still praise for it, the most famous terms for this is a spoiled child. Children wanted to trust and the consideration of their parents and those people who surrounded them. The short story tells us what the children of Indian tribes affect their traditions. Every good work of children is appreciated by us for them to keep it up, sometimes we forget when good things really are done. Thanks for this blog so I have an idea about the Indians children.

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