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Posted on June 22, 2016 at 7:55 PM
               Ever start working with your sweetheart on his or her work and they do great for awhile, but then their attention seems to start drifting?
What to do? What to do? There is a simple drill that you can do with them to refocus their attention.

              Sit across from your child and explain to them that you are going to pay a fun game. It is a simple, creative game. Ready?
Mom or dad, please say a word or short phase to your child. Now, your child needs to repeat it back to you, exactly. Good, done. Next, your child needs to say a word or short phrase to you. You need to repeat that phrase ,exactly. Good. Now, mom or dad again, say a short sentence to your child. Have them repeat it, exactly. Keep doing this, taking turns.
Watch your child's face! Soon they will brighten up, smile, become happier and you can tell by their responses that they are fully paying attention. At a really good point, ask them about the game, did they like it? Let them tell you how they felt about it. After they get to talk to you, let them know how great they did. Now, they can return to study, centered and focused.
               Give it a try! Have some fun!

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

Categories: Education

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uk says...
I am very happy to know about this site really very helpful and useful for all,keep it up. Thanks for this mrspattstutoring blog for sharing about children are individuals,everyone can get better points

There are really times when children are out of focus. I believe that this is because they can easily be distracted by their surroundings. Well, I don't think we should blame them for being like this because this is their nature. In line with this, we should always see to it that we extend our patience and love to these cute and adorable people. They should be showed love because they deserve the good treatment. I know that you will agree to my opinion and I would like to say that I agree with yours as well. You do have a good point.
3:26 AM on December 20, 2018 
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5:47 AM on December 24, 2018 
I agree. Some children really have a short attention span and are easily distracted by their surroundings because as kids, all they do is to play and be active with friends. They easily get bored because they cannot stay still and you would have to acquire a long patience to deal with these precious youngs. Children are children, the enthusiasm of their nature cannot be helped. No matter how naughty can they get they still have to be shown love and support because when they grown older and mature, they will reciprocate all the love you gave to them.
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uk says...
I am very happy to know about this site really very helpful and useful for all,keep it up. Thanks for this mrspattstutoring blog for sharing about children are individuals,everyone can get better points

Dealing with child’s attention is badly hard and it is normal to experience struggle on raising a child. Their attentions are everywhere and they are curious with so much things. Children sometimes don’t listen because of their young minds and below comprehension. As a parent you have to do all the effort you can make to catch their interest. It is with a great parenting to deal properly with child’s attention. You have to impose authority so your children will follow you.
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