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Posted on June 13, 2016 at 1:19 PM
          Are you overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling?

         Does it all seem too much to handle, but you know that it can be one of the very best educations you can give your sweetheart?

         Hopefully these few things will help simplify your journey.

1. If you are signing up for a city program for your child, sometimes the information that they are supposed to learn doesn't come with much help regarding how to learn it. I work with a 5th grade homeschooler in math, and the materials, to say the least, are lacking. Solution - Go to Barnes and Noble, or a bookstore and look for a good, well explained book on the subject. I use many math books from SPECTRUM BOOKS. They have examples on how to do things and are much easier to teach. They include most of the curriculum that is included in the city programs.

2. I learned this next trick from a very experienced homeschooler. Use spiral notebooks. This way you can keep track of all the work that you do and can write daily lessons in them for your children. They go on sale in July and August and can be 15 to 20 cents apiece. Keep them in a specific place so that you won't spend time searching for them.

3. Write your own schedule. You can start your day whenever you want. Include cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner in your lessons. Cleanup is also a great lesson. I work with a homeschooler in math for 4 hours a week and we get a lot of work done.

4. Research coop groups. There are many. That way your children are able to interact with many children and learning can be super fun.

5. Use tutors for the subjects that you don't feel okay about teaching. I personally  will teach homeschoolers in small groups, which is helpful for the family budget! Please email me with questions if wanted.

6. Picking a homeschool program. Decide how traditional you want to go.
Also decide how much you want to be responsible for regarding turning in lessons and taking required tests. There are very traditional, free programs through each city, and there are more open programs, less testing and more freedoms. Check them both out and see what you like.

7. Working parents, homeschooling can be accomplished. Get creative. Organize small groups, get a tutor to help you out. If you are one of the parents looking at homeschooling due to the new law on required vaccinations, which by the way goes into effect July 1. 2016, I'm sure there are other like minded friends who would want to set up small groups with you. (Again, email me if you have questions).

     Have fun with learning. Teach your sweethearts all about life and education.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti



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