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September Newsletter

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 7:54 PM Comments comments (20)
         Well, here we are again, everyone is back in school!  I am personally very excited this month as my 3rd granddaughter will be arriving any day now! This is my youngest daughter's first one. I have two other lovely granddaughters, 13 and 9. We are all in the Education Business. My oldest is a behavioral instructor and my youngest is a preschool and early education teacher. We are fortunate enough to get to work together helping children learn and grow.

                      News about Common Core Testing
           Children in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota and a couple of other states took a test named the Smarter Assessment Consortium to test students on the Common Core state standards in math and language arts. "Preliminary results received by the nation's second largest district, Los Angeles, are "lower than what people are used to seeing," quoted Cynthia Lim, executive director of the Office of Data and accountability of the Los Angeles Unified School District. District officials are consulting with school leaders about how to explain to parents and students that new test results should not be compared with old ones. Also, some familiar terms that parents would know on earlier testing may be different from state to state. For example, "below basic," may be seen as "slightly unprepared," in another state. The same cut scores will be used, but different 

                            Handling Homework and Study Tips

        Ever ask your child what they want to do first from the list of things to do for homework, and the answer is none of them? With confidence and some parental authority, ask them in a different way. Try saying, "Should we do your math first or your reading?" If not the answer you want, ask again, "Would you like to start with math or reading?" This kind of sets the stage for homework time, as they know that one or the other will be picked. I do this in my tutoring center very successfully, as it gives the student a choice, but it also conveys that we will get to work and get it all done.
      Another tip, before having your student get down to homework, make sure that you have chatted with them about their day and make sure that if they are hungry, that they have a snack. Good food is necessary for mental work. Pick some protein, fruits, veggies, or whatever healthy snack that they will eat. Conversation and good food will jettison the student's energy and general mood. School can be frustrating and demanding. Let them blow off some steam if needed so that they can get to their homework with a little less upset from their day. Seems simple, right, I'm sure many of you do this already, but sometimes as parents we are so busy making the necessary money that we forget that our children have hard days also. They deal with grumpy teachers, bullies, feeling not so smart if they don't understand something, and just tired in general. Kind words and understanding go a long way!

                                                 Homeschooling Updates

        I receive many emails from homeschools. I received one from and they are offering a free access to exclusive lessons for a 10 day trial. For those of you looking at homeschooling in the near future, that might be a great way to check out their program!  As I've mentioned, Time 4 Learning,, and K12 are 3 big homeschooling choices. I know homeschooling is a big step, but doable! It has many
advantages such as a great education, more personalized learning, flexible schedule, and the chance to move at your own pace.   

         I would love to hear from those of you who read MY BLOGS. I am elated to say that I have followers all over the world, and of course all over the United States. Oregon
and Washington, would love to hear from you!  Please keep reading, send me comments and questions! Want to know more about Common Core? Healthy Diets for Children? Homeschooling help? More tips to help your student do well?

     As a bonus, go to my ContactUs page, leave me a copy of your email address and I will send you a FREE COPY of my
article, "Three Things About Educating Your Child that the School System Doesn't Want You to Know."

With Love,
Patt Condiotti