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Posted on April 17, 2016 at 2:36 PM Comments comments (16)
             Vaccinations - Safe, not Safe? The publicity recently has increased 10 fold on information, opinions and films which question the current vaccines and there contents.
             To make matters even harder, we now have the mandatory law stating that immunizations at certain points in education are mandatory. I personally have a problem, as a parent and grandparent, with a law that tells me what I have to do as a parent, regardless of my personal beliefs on vaccinations.

             Being a tutor and educator for many years, I have worked with and seen some distressing changes that a child can suffer, from receiving vaccines, and having "side effects".  It is heartbreaking to me to see these children have such a hard time going through life.

            I currently work with one boy, 4th grade, who, per his mother changed dramatically after receiving multiple shots. I can see the damage he has suffered in his thinking, his lack of memory, his struggle with learning sometimes. He is one of the lucky ones whose parents have sought help for him through a holistic doctor that helped clean up his body as much as possible from some of the heavy metals that created bad affects for him. He is regularly seen by the doctor, mom watches his diet, and makes sure he gets lots of exercise.

          Diet can exaggerate the problems. Sugar, food dyes, lack of good fruit and vegetables that provide nutrients, can make matters even worse. Vitamins can also help. Did you know that magnesium can help calm down your body. It can help with muscle spasms and cramping, a hard time sleeping, and generally helps the body do many things.

           If you feel that your child may have reactions to the vaccines, or they have had an older brother or sister who had  bad reactions to the vaccines, or you have some health problems in your genetic line, I highly recommend that you speak with an educated doctor about your concerns. At the very least, the vaccine shots can be spread out. There is no good reason to have a sweet child have 6 shots at a time. The best thing you can do is to be personally educated on what is in the vaccines and if there are risks. Read the literature that is packed in with the vaccines. Know the possible side effects. Be educated.

           Our statistics on children with autism, neurological damage, learning disabilities, asthma and a other problems
is increasing at an alarming rate.

           As always, I am happy to answer any questions. I have a referral to a great holistic doctor if needed. I would love to hear feedback.

With love,
Patt Condiotti

How to Prepare Your Child if They Need to Receive Vaccinations!

Posted on March 6, 2016 at 8:18 PM Comments comments (6)
              Vaccinations, a very controversial subject these days. Whether you are for or against vaccinations, there are some truths that you should know about and things you can do to help your child stay very healthy and strong and have minimum problems with receiving the vaccinations.

            According to Natural News, Mike Adams, there are ways to bolster your child. Mike Adams is the Executive Director of the Consumer Wellness Center. He is a researcher and advocate for health and wellness.

            In vaccines, additives are used for various reasons.
Unfortunately, these substances can have negative effects on the body. Aluminum, MSG, Mercury, and formaldehyde are all found in our vaccines. Mercury is now in the form of Thimerosal.
Thimerosal has gotten a lot of attention as the doses used in the vaccines are larger than the limited amount small children should consume. Aluminum we all have heard about in regards to Alzheimers disease. MSG we find in many foods and it can cause allergic reactions. Formaldehyde, well we know it best when used to help embalm bodies.

           On a good note, Mike Adams has recommended things to do or take before receiving vaccines. These things strengthen the immune system and lessen the possible harmful effects that may occur from the vaccines. His advice, first and foremost, is to live a healthy lifestyle. Lots of fruits and vegetables. In this way, you can boost your own immune system. Also some more nutrients he suggests to add are: Vit C, Vit D, lots of water, stay hydrated, and even turmeric in small doses to help with inflammation. Inflammation internally is a side effect of the vaccines, if the immune system is weak. He also suggests NOT eating these foods weeks before the vaccines: Fried foods, burnt BBQ foods, alcohol, and Tylenol. These are things that the liver must handle, and if ingested before the vaccination, the body is lessened by this job instead of handling the vaccine.

          People low in zinc, may have trouble with vaccines. Zinc helps handle mercury.  Part of the reasoning for the autistic effect is the inability of the child's immune system to properly clear the mercury. Zinc allows the system to deal with the mercury and get rid of it properly. Multi-minerals help to protect the immune system. Sulphur found in organic eggs, msn, and turmeric can help with the inflammation, which in turn can cause neurological damage.  This again, is a possible side effect of the vaccines. Organic food, yes please! As said before, keep

        Well, that gives us some pointers for the future! As usual, I hope this helps some! Please email me with questions or concerns.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

Want to Know Three Things That Are Poisoning Our Children?

Posted on December 5, 2015 at 5:57 PM Comments comments (10)
        We all love our children and want them to be happy and healthy. We watch out for the obvious things that can hurt them.  Are there other things that are entering their lives that are harmful and maybe we don't know about them?

         1. Going to the dentist - We take our children to ensure that they have strong and healthy teeth. Astonishingly, there are still some dentists using mercury for fillings. It is the most toxic metal known to man. It is not called mercury of course, that would raise questions. They are called "silver amalgam fillings". The number one ingredient is
mercury. Mercury serves as a poison for the nervous system, and can possibly have negative effects on the heart and circulatory system. Exposure to pregnant women can harm the development of the unborn baby's brain. Yikes!

          As a side note, there is some controversy about  one of the ingredients in the vaccines, called thimerosal. It is a mercury derivative and is found in the flu shots, possibly others. It is used as a preservative.  Food for thought!

      2. Multiple vaccinations - The CDC has published charts on the ingredients in the vaccines and their uses. To name a few, they contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, and formaldehyde.
I have a new granddaughter and her vaccines were scheduled to begin on her first day of life. She was to receive a Vitamin K shot and a Hepatitis B shot. Research indicates that the child's immune system will start to develop at about 2 - 3 months of age. By the age of 1, they will have developed their immune system significantly. How does a newborn process or use these early shots? The above listed ingredients are all detrimental to a child's
body. Aluminum is a metal we don't need, MSG at best can be called a highly allergenic food additive, and formaldehyde is what they embalm people with when they pass away. The number of vaccines given in one visit can be 5 or 6 shots!  Scary to me!
        3. Video Games - Being a tutor, I work with many children, all ages and backgrounds. I teach writing classes and guess what one of the favorite subjects is for their paragraphs, video games! My opinion is that this forwards the fact that violence is normal and okay. Hurting others is normal and cool in a game.
Needless to say, I direct my students to happier paragraph content and help them stretch their imagination. I am sad to say that we have too much violence out in the world, we do not need more of it going into our children's thoughts!

     Well, there are other topics of interest surrounding these facts, but I will address them another day! Please feel free to email me and ask questions or ask for a topic to be talked about.

Patt Condiotti

Part 2 How To Lessen the Effects of Allergic Reactions to Vaccines

Posted on November 8, 2015 at 5:42 PM Comments comments (4)
    Sugars in Vaccines and Their Effect        

   I wrote a Blog yesterday on some interesting information that I came across regarding help to lessen the allergic reactions to vaccines. I touched on only one of those which was having to do with handling the sugars, yes sugars used in the vaccines. That information can be found in my earlier Blog on my website, As an addition to that information, another recommended addition for your child is a B vitamin complex. Some metals like aluminum and mercury make it harder for the body to assimilate B vitamins. Until the heavy metals from the vaccine are removed, taking a good quality B vitamin will ensure that the digestive system is as healthy as it can be. I mentioned removing heavy metals from the body. This was also talked about in an earlier BLOG. I personally was one of those people who had heavy metals in my system and they were creating havoc for me and my health. Heavy metals can come from many places. Vaccines, jobs, and in my case jewelry.

    Heavy Metals

        Vaccine ingredients are easy enough to find. They can be located on The CDC website. Included in some of those ingredients are aluminum and thimerosal.Thimerosal  is an ethyl mercury. Both are considered metals. Thimerosal is used as a preservative in the vaccine. Much of the vaccine material will not exit the body without some assistance, which requires some extra TLC for the family. How do we handle this? The goal here is to detoxify the body, including heavy metals. There are a few, good supplements out there for children, but the job can also be done with the right foods.

  Foods for Natural Heavy Metal Chelation

    What is chelation? Chelation is the use of a substance, in this case, foods, to bind molecules of metals or minerals and hold them tightly, so they can be removed. This can be very beneficial to health. One authors suggestion for this natural chelation is the combination of chlorella, cilantro, citrus peels, spirulina and garlic.  Many vegetables in general have some ability to achieve this chelation. Some other examples of good choices for salads  to help with this process, are cilantro, avocado, and garlic everyday along with other greens. As usual, avoid sugar and as many refined and processed foods as possible. Remember, sugar feeds bacteria and viruses and all things that we do not want to grow.

    Help From a Nutritionist or Holistic Doctor

     If you feel the need for professional help, there are many great doctors out there. I personally was helped with my metal poisoning from a local Holistic doctor and he used many of the above foods, processed into a capsule form.

    Well, I think that's good for today! There are more ways to help handle this problem, but that's for another day. Please feel free to send me some comments or ask any questions. My goal is to help our children stay strong and healthy and properly educated. Private emails can be sent through my email address.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

Want to Learn About Natural Ways to Lessen any Allergic Reactions to Vaccines?

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 5:58 PM Comments comments (13)
                    Good afternoon! Hope everyone is enjoying their day! I finally found some quiet time to write and wanted to share with you what kind of a couple of weeks I just had!

                    It all started last Wednesday evening. I wasn't feeling so great, and had a bit of swelling behind my right ear. I am basically a pretty healthy person, but at this point felt like I had a bit of the flu or something. The next morning, more swelling and my heart was beating very fast. Something was up!
I made an appointment to see my Nutritionist to see what was actually going on. He checked me, and told me that I had a bacterial infection and give me some supplements to take. I took them and was shocked to see what had occurred overnight. The redness and inflammation was now moving up the side of my face to my eye and my skin was very hot and my eye and face were swollen. This continued to happen, with the extreme inflammation and very red skin continuing to move to the other eye and to the other cheek. Now, both eyes were swollen! Well,
back to my doctor I went because this was not improving. I had rethought about how this had all started and remembered that I had worn some new earrings and that by the end of the day, my ears were red and puffy. I asked the doctor to check me for metal toxins, or in my case it seemed like metal poisoning for me. Well, that was the ticket! He gave me some supplements for clearing out the metals, I think nickel in my case. Nickel is used in many earrings. Slowing the swelling went down and the skin was less red, but ever so itchy. I had small blisters from the intensity of the metal inside of me. Well, long story short, I am a little over two weeks from start of this nightmare, and have a bit of residual skin itching and such that is slowly repairing, but I am infinitely grateful to my doctor for finding out WHAT was really going on.

          What is the point of all this? Well, for one, many of you out there have daughters who LOVE to wear jewelry. Please make sure that the jewelry doesn't contain nickel if they have any the
symptoms mentioned above. More importantly than that, even though that is super important, I want you to think about what reactions your children could experience from getting their vaccinations? If by change, they are allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the vaccines, will you know? Many of my students come to tutoring after their vaccines and have fevers, or coughs, or cold symptoms.

        Did you know that there are natural ways to detox your child after their shots, if by chance they have an allergic reaction to something? Regardless of what your personal stand is on vaccines, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients  in vaccines are toxic.

         I wanted to share with you, just one of the very simple ways that you can reduce any negative effects of the vaccines.
Sucrose, fructose and dextrose are 3 sugars that are found in vaccines. Well, that doesn't sound so bad, right? Sugars suppress the immune system. Sugar feeds viruses and bacteria. These sugars travel through the bloodstream to whatever infection can be fed. Want to know a simple fix for this, garlic, oil
of oregano, echinacea and goldenseal to name a few. These supplements, especially when used in conjunction with one another, can help to purify the blood and remove toxins and help
work toward repairing the immune system. What happens, the immune system is NOT more compromised by the sugars in the vaccines! Yeah!!!

       Well, I hope that helps a bit! I am planning on doing a small series of BLOGS on other ways to help before and after vaccines. I would LOVE to hear from you with questions or comment on my subjects.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti


Another Update on My Student and Her Change of Diet

Posted on September 26, 2015 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (7)
        Happy Saturday;

      I wanted to send out another update on my student and her body changes after going to a paleo type diet and staying away from gluten and some other foods. I got to chat with her yesterday and I asked her what things she thought had changed for her. She told me that her body was shrinking, she was losing weight, which made her happy, and that she could run easier than before and that her feet didn't hurt anymore when she ran.
She was very proud of herself and as mentioned earlier, she looks brighter and calmer and her appetite is lessened also.
She is a happy child, but she seems even happier with herself.
She again told me that her tummy didn't hurt unless she ate gluten stuff.
     This is all so amazing to me that a  proper change of diet  can so quickly change the body and how it works. She is content with her food and not wanting snacks, as I witnessed before with her.
      Unfortunately, I'm sure there are many more children out there who silently suffer from this same condition. They may suffer as she did with stomach aches, or they may have other symptoms that show up that effect their ability to study, or be less hyper or maybe they have another thing that appears to be "Just them," or "Just their personality."

      Foods that we crave, we are usually allergic to. When we are allergic to foods, the body hold water as a protection mechanism. Wrong foods also stimulate appetite wanting more of the foods that we are allergic to. When this is happening, the ability of the body to intake nutrients from food is lessening, therefore creating a bigger appetite as nutrients are not being taken from the current food eaten and seemingly the body is still hungry. Part of her program was also a large amount of vitamins to restore the nutrients that she had been missing. Such a huge
       Well, that's the good news for now! I'll keep you posted!
I have written an article on "The Three Things That the School System Doesn't Want You to Know." If you would like a FREE
COPY of that, please leave me your email address on my CONTACT US page or email me, and I will send you out a copy.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

Great Results From My Student's Visit to the Nutritionist!

Posted on September 13, 2015 at 3:02 PM Comments comments (4)
           In an earlier text, I wrote about a student of mine having some body problems. She was experiencing bruising, stomach problems and some other troubles. She went to my chiropractor/holistic doctor for some help. She was tested and he found that she was allergic to wheat and corn. His recommendations were to use the paleo diet and also he put her on a special multi vitamin and some probiotics.

           I noticed a few days after she started that her face seemed brighter and she was more alert. She seemed calmer also. According to her mom she has been a real trooper with all her diet changes and taking her supplements.

           I saw her again after about two weeks and I noticed that her bruising was healed and that no new ones were occurring. Her stomach had stopped hurting also. Her general temperament was better, calmer, and more relaxed. She was more focused it seemed. Her mom said that she was not resisting her new foods, since she knew that now her stomach would not longer bother her, if she ate the right foods.

          I wanted to share this update, as I'm sure there are other children out there who may have unknown allergies and suffer because of them.
I will keep posting updates to share her continuing improvements.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

Did You Know That Food Allergies Can Mimic ADD and ADHD?

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 1:51 PM Comments comments (3)
         Did you know that different foods can cause behaviors that mimic ADD?  Did you know that ADHD can be triggered by chemicals in processed foods?

          Many different food can cause behaviors that mimic symptoms of ADD. Some of these symptoms are impulsiveness, hyperactivity, in- ability to concentrate, and many others that can look like ADD or ADHD.

          Let's go over some of the major offenders of these responses.

Artificial colors: Food dyes are very well known for causing symptoms and personality changes. These are used in cereals, colored drinks, and snack foods. I had a student once who was a bit fidgety already, but he drank one of those blue drinks and OH MY, I thought he was going to jump right out of his seat! He was also talking a mile minute and not making much sense!

MSG: Monosodium Glutamate: It is an excitotoxin. It is a neurotoxin that literally excites your brain cells to death! MSG can affect mood, cause
depression, create autism-like symptoms, behavior disorders and learning disabilities. MSG is found in practically all fast foods, processed meats, frozen meals, soup mixes, potato chips, snack foods. salad dressings and many other foods. MSG is difficult to spot sometimes as it is camouflaged under different names.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: This product plays a part in our children's obesity and can also can cause major behavior problems. They range from a drastic mood change, to behavior issues, to hyperactivity. 
Mercury, a known cause of ADHD symptoms, is commonly found in this corn syrup. It is also found in box food items, breads, ketchup, soft
drinks, juices, candy, snack foods and more.

Wheat products, containing gluten: Gluten is the protein found in wheat.
Besides wheat, gluten can also be found in barley, rye, and other grains.
Gluten is among the top eight food allergies. Gluten can cause behavior changes, difficulty concentrating, mental fog, and much more.

      Wheat insensitivity can cause many problems. If you suspect that your child may have this sensitivity, you may want to remove wheat and gluten from their diet. If this is a problem for them, symptoms can reduce dramatically within a matter of weeks. Gluten free products are easy to find now in many stores, so changing over is easier than ever.

      I think we all can agree that our children today are plagued by more food allergies and learning problems than every before. Current statistics on autism show that now the numbers are 1 in 68 children that will be diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. That is astounding. Four times as many boys suffer from this than girls. ADHD statistics show that 1 in 10 children have had a ADHD diagnosis from a health care provider. These statistics are put out by the CDC, in print, and easily found on the internet. The point is, we need to start researching how to help our children and future children. Food allergies is a great place to start.

     I would love to get some feedback. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have. Please leave me a comment or a subject that you might like to know more about.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti
Mrs. Patt's

      I can be reached by email at the following email addresses: