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Can Foods Cause ADD or ADHD Symptoms?

Posted on August 29, 2015 at 7:16 PM Comments comments (168)
        I recently spoke with one of my student's parents about taking their daughter to  my chiropractor/ holistic doctor. I have been going to him personally for many years. They were there because their 8 year old daughter was having trouble with bruising very easily everywhere on her body. She was checked and tested for allergies. She has other symptoms that indicate allergies, such as dark circles under her eyes. She is a bright, happy child but is bothered with a few body problems and also has a bit of a hard time paying attention in school sometimes.
       Well, the doctor checked her and accessed that she was allergic to wheat, corn and milk products.  The  things she loves most, she is
allergic to.

      She  was put on a multi- vitamin suggested by the doctor,
 pro-biotics and Vitamin E. Her diet is to be mostly meats, vegetables, fruits, quinoa, almond milk, almond butter and occasional sourdough
bread, as it is most easily tolerated in the grain family. This of course will will be done gradiently as this will be a big change.

          As he was talking to the parent of my student, the subject of
learning situations came up. The doctor was mentioning that allergies can add to or even help trigger some of these learning problems. I started thinking about all this.
       Focusing in school is very hard for some children. I have seen this in my tutoring center first hand. If some of these allergies were handled, if some of the offending foods were taken out of the diet, would learning be easier for some students? Yes, of course it would. Are there children out there whose parents have been told that their child had ADD or ADHD
and what if part of all of that was due to allergies? Food for thought!
I will be doing follow up BLOGS on this subject, and if you want to get more information about my doctor, please email me and I will be happy to help. He is very affordable and extremely caring.
      That's it for now. I would love to hear from you with comments or
questions or subjects to talk about. If you want to sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter, please go to my CONTACT US page and leave your name and email address.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

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Do the Youth of Today Lack Manners?

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (53)
        Manners, etiquette, politeness and respect are all words necessary for good relationships between people. Most often these are taught at home by parents or grandparents or family members. I think most of us
love to hear children say "Hello,"  "Thank you," "Nice to meet you," "I'm
sorry,"  and phrases which represent good manners.

        What is the purpose of good manners? Manners show the other person that they are important and deserve politeness. They signal the person or persons they are talking to that they are listening to them or giving them proper attention. Ever notice how much better a conversation goes when both of the parties are using their manners?
I often go to "IN and OUT" for food. I am consistently impressed by the personnel and how attentive they are to me. They greet me, they thank me, and I always have a good experience there. I'm sure we all have had not so great experiences with  different fast food places and had the opposite happen. I have. I feel rushed, not duplicated, not important, and
and I leave with a feeling of non- professionalism or worse.

        When I taught my classes earlier in a private school, my
class and I set up a breakfast for the teachers. We had so much fun!
We cooked, we set up, we arranged tables, but a major part of the event was teaching the class manners! The boys were taught how to open doors for the teachers, to escort them to their reserved seat, and to assist them in anyway possible. They pulled out their chairs for them and helped them get seated. It was amazing. The girls and some of the
boys were taught to serve food. They we trained to say "What would you like"? or "What can I get for you"? They also were taught how to serve water and drinks and what side to serve on, or how to remove empty plates. Needless to say, I don't know who had a better time, the teachers who were served breakfast, or the students who helped set up the whole presentation and impeccably used their manners. I was extremely proud
of them! We received many, many compliments from the teachers.

     A person's importance is made clear by showing him or her respect or caring using manners. It signals the person that they are valuable.
     Manners need to be taught. They are necesssary. Children who do use their manners standardly leave great impressions on those they speak with. As a distant perk, these same children will have a much easier time getting future job interviews or jobs!
          I do come upon occasional students in my tutoring center that have somehow escaped this training. This is one of our helpful extras that we deliver here. We work with them showing them good manners and explaining why these are important. Of course we make this learning fun just like everything else we do!
      Well, that's it for now. Please feel free to leave me comments or suggestions for topics or questions about your child. I am here to help.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti



Posted on July 21, 2015 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (56)

      We are all familiar now with this term. We hear stories from our
children, parents tell of these events, and even in the news, we hear
sad tales.
      Just today, I had a homeschool student who has been experiencing
this recently and is baffled and confused by his supposed friend acting
this way. The unfortunate result is that his mom has to address this with
the other boy's mom, and basically end the friendship. So unfortunate
This boy is extremely sensitive when it comes to this sort of thing, so it
impacts him in a huge way! He no longer feels safe to play with this child
or even be at the same events.

     In answer to this problem, many different strategies are used. I think
some ignore it, hoping it will go away, and others attempt to handle it,
trying to make everyone happy. Sometimes a bit more than that is
     Unfortunately I have also seen some of this in my tutoring. The
behavior shows up in subtle ways. Of course the cause can come from
different factors, but we must protect all our children from this kind of
behavior. It is very damaging to all parties.  In my tutoring, I see an
attitude of attempting to lessen or poke fun at another student for some
reason. Comments or questions like, "What grade are you in?" with
a tone that says, "You are dumb". Another one is "Wow, you read really
slow!" Again with a tone saying, "You are dumb".
      In my tutoring, these kind of things are NOT ALLOWED! My belief
is that this type of behavior escalates if things such as these go un-
handled. We all know a child or two that does this on and off and it
always has a negative effect. As a heads up, if you are working with
your child and he or she starts getting angry or belittling or sarcastic,
most probably if you look into the situation, there is something in his
studies at that moment that he is having trouble with and he diverts
his anger to another child or to a family member. I watch for this in my 

     I am happy to say that most all of my students are sweet, smart,
kind children. There are time when I feel it is necessary to educate
these few children on the bad effects created by their remarks or
or "I'm just kidding". Educate them first, then if necessary, take another

    If all else fails, and nothing is working, yes, for the sake of your child or
another you love, do remove yourself from that other student or person.
We learn from what we hear and see and how we are treated. Kindness
is contagious. Feel free to spread it around!!!!

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

PS.  Please feel free to comment or ask me questions. I am happy to help
        if I can.